Radical Students

The deadline to sign up for SWO DNOW is October 24th with a $30 deposit due at sign up. 

Restoration Rome

Make sure to mark your calendars for Thursday, October 26thJosh Pilgrim will be using Facebook Live to interview Jeff Mauer on all things Restoration Rome. You can view it on the TRC public Facebook Page. Don't miss it!

TRC Kingston Moving Day

November 11th is moving day for TRC Kingston Highway as we prepare to reintegrate this campus with TRC Unity. We need as many men as possible to help expedite the process. Everything must be out of the Chapel Hill gym and storage when we are finished. If you can bring a truck or a trailer, please contact Emmett Long.

Stand Sunday

Stand Sunday, which is an opportunity for the church to stand for all children and families in U.S. foster care, will be held November 12th. See Hannah Seritt, Katie Harber, or Nick Cooner for more details. 

TRC Annual Christmas Brunch

The Christmas Brunch will take place on December 17th this year. Stay tuned for more details! 

First Sunday

Beginning January 7th, Mitch will begin “First Sunday," which will be the first Sunday of the month at 9 am at the Unity Campus. On that first Sunday we will study a topic, doctrine, or cultural/social issue. January 7th will begin with the Bible’s teaching on “Spiritual Warfare.”

Unity Radical Kids Needs Support

We are in need of five people to finish out the upcoming schedule. Radical Kids is also in need of the following positions: Supply Manager, Heroes in the Faith Overseer, and Scripture Challenge Volunteers. If you are interested in helping in any of those areas, please contact Brittany Hayes

Radical Life Groups

If you serve as a care team for our global workers, please remember to send letters, emails, and packages to those families. Contact Eric Cone for more information. 

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