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Serving Opportunities

If you are looking for an opportunity to serve our church body, there is a need for 5-6 more people to help with offering counting. If you are interested or would like to find out more, please contact Scott Wood at

Baby Bottle Boomerang: May 9 - June 20

Baby Bottle Boomerang will start this Sunday, May 9, and continue until Father's Day, June 20. This is a fun way to support the free ministry services of Haven Health Clinic. The mission of Haven Health Clinic is to protect and affirm all life by offering support and hope through the love of Christ. Some of the services we offer are pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, incentive-based parenting classes, lay counseling and maternity/baby supplies. At the end of service, please take a bottle to fill with coins, cash, and/or a check. The Boomerang concludes with ALL bottles (filled or empty) being returned by June 20.

College Group: Summertime Schedule

College group will continue to meet this summer on Saturdays at 6pm. The group meets at Unity in one of the back trailers, the one closest to the outdoor basketball court. Please reach out to Josh Groce if you are interested at 502-762-8464. 

Radical Life Groups

If you are looking for a group, now is a great time to join one! For more information see Jim Lanier and he will connect you to the new group leaders or click here for a list of groups

Meet The Need at Restoration Rome

Interested in ways you can serve at Restoration Rome?  Click here to see current needs that both individuals and groups can meet.  Some of the current needs include new car seats, boxes of cute band aids, a volunteer to mow the lawn, and therapy swings. Please contact Laura Saunders, or call at 770-639-2830 if you have any questions about how you can help Restoration Rome. 

Three Rivers Church Calendar

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