Three Rivers Church believes that the model of leadership and governance that we see modeled and prescribed in the New Testament is one of multiple elders (also referred to as pastors or overseers in the New Testament) leading the church as undershepherds to The Chief Shepherd Jesus.  

As undershepherds and overseers of a local church, elders are men who are entrusted with teaching, protecting, leading, equipping, and caring for the corporate church body and her individual members.  Our elders work together to shepherd the church body in all areas. Each elder has specific ministry areas they lead as well as pastoral responsibilities to the entire Three Rivers Church family.

  • Mitch Jolly

    Mitch is the primary teaching pastor. He is the husband of Jennifer, the daddy of Gabriel, John Mark and Daniel. Mitch loves to teach, hunt, and watch football.



  • jim lanier

    Jim and Diane have been married over four decades and have two grown sons and four grandsons.  Jim and his sons are Georgia Tech graduates.  After local business involvement, Jim now enjoys being outdoors managing the family farm, hunting, fishing, gardening, and playing with the grandsons. 



  • Justin Owens

    Justin is married to Alexa, and they have two children, Violet and Isaac.  He works as a financial advisor and CPA in Rome.